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4th Book in the NT

The Gospel of John is the 4th book in the New Testament and is all about sticking by what we know is right.

Chapter 15

The 15 points to the 15th Chapter in the book of John where we see that Jesus offers us the greatest love of all.
  • Love God

    Love God

    Franklin First UMC 415 Youth is all about relationships. Many times our faith is developed and deepened through relationships. The most important relationship is the one we have with Jesus.

    Jesus is the source of life, joy
    and love.

    Jesus is the cornerstone for every other relationship. Read More
  • Love People

    Love People

    We love others because God loves us first. We strive to love others the way God loves us: fully and unconditionally.

    Christ-centered relationships with peers and adults are key factors in developing a lasting faith.

    Read More
  • Live Weird

    Live Weird

    Jesus did the unexpected, so should we. We live in a way that is contrary to the normal standard.

    In a world where normal isn't working, give living weird a chance.

    Read More
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  • Join us on Sundays for THRIVE or ROOTS. Each program is designed to help our youth learn about Jesus and grow in their faith. Each program provides different ways to
    Read More
  • Are you interested in a deeper study of faith? Do you want to meet within a smaller group of youth and adults? Join us on Wednesdays from 6:30-7:30.
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  • Sunday Nights are FUN! We meet once a month in the youth area to eat, play games, worship, and do group life. It's a great way to meet new people!
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