Working knowledge of the Bible.

We teach the story of God.  Youth engage God’s Word and the faith stories of people of the Bible through study, reflection, and conversation.  We want youth to understand the full story of God and see their place in that story.  

Understanding of United Methodist Beliefs and Traditions.

The United Methodist Church has a rich and deep history.  We want young people to understand that being a part of the community of FFUMC means they are a part of a family of millions of United Methodists around the world working together to fulfill Christ’s calling for the Church.  

Christian Community.

John Wesley said “The Bible knows no solitary religion.”  Christ stressed over and over the importance of community.  We are called to journey together.  We strive to build a Christian community of love, support, encouragement, and accountability.Here I am.  It can be challenging to recognize God’s presence in our busy lives.  We provide focused opportunities to awaken to God’s presence and give youth tools to seek and recognize God in all things, to listen to God’s call, and pursue their calling passionately.  


Many young people experience God’s love through service.  Serving others is a reminder that life is not about us.  Christ came as a servant and calls us to be servants as well. 415 Practice service throughout the year, including mission trips in the summer.